We went to Court to prove our client was not at fault in a car accident

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We went to Court to prove our client was not at fault in a car accident

Revolution Law’s very first client, Dane, is one of the nicest of guys. Sadly in 2015, Dane was involved in a catastrophic head-on collision with another vehicle while traveling along Bribie Island Road.

His accident is a testament to why we have Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance in Australia which protects drivers who are not at fault in an accident. Our role as personal injury lawyers is to ensure the best possible compensation outcome for victims of road accidents. The heartbreaking reality is that victims of tragic car accidents have their lives forever changed through no fault of their own. No amount of money can truly compensate for the pain, the grief, and complete change of life that a victim and their community circle must go through.

Compensation is a monetary value that allows a victim to live life without suffering a financial burden due to a car accident. As with all personal injury claims, Dane’s matter had a mediation conference. In most cases, it is at this conference where the claim settles, and the compensation figure established. However, if mediation is unable to be reached, then a claim commences to Court proceedings.  In Dane’s case, the matter proceeded even further to trial.

Heard at the Supreme Court of Queensland in May 2020 with the purpose of establishing whether the collision occurred because of the negligence of the other driver or whether any failure on the part of Dane caused or contributed to the collision. At this trial, the Court found that the other driver breached the duty of care as a fellow road user, which resulted in the car collision. The collision was found not to be caused or contributed to by any negligence from Dane. A terrific outcome for Dane, but unfortunately it was appealed by the other driver.

This appeal saw this case back to the Supreme Court of Queensland in the Court of Appeal with the hearing held in September 2020. The judge reviewed the extensive evidence and submissions supplied by both parties, and once again, Dane was established not at fault for the accident. The verdict of the earlier judgment was upheld, and the appeal was dismissed. As a result, justice for Dane was achieved, allowing for future monetary compensation to reflect the establishment of liability.

Thankfully, personal injury claims very rarely end up in the Courts. What is essential to take away from this is that having the right Lawyer is crucial in determining whether proceeding to Court will result in the best outcome. If this is a case, you want a lawyer who not only understands your position but has the experience and enthusiasm not to shy away from a fight.

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