Compensation Payouts for Motor Vehicle Accident Claims.

Can I make a compensation claim after a car accident? How much are the compensation payouts?  Should I just run a claim myself? If you are googling these questions then this is the blog for you!

Can I make a compensation claim after a car accident?

If you have been injured in an accident of which you are not at fault for then the answer is yes. It doesn’t matter if you are a passenger, another driver or a pedestrian,you have the right to bring forward a personal injury claim against the at fault driver’s CTP insurer. Unsure of whose fault it was or have some odd circumstances? Speak to one of our Lawyers for free about the accident.

How much are car accident compensation payout figures?

To give people a range that is specific to their case is impossible during the initial stages of their claim. Each claim is unique and compensation figures are based on a range of factors which are specific to the claimant. Before we can discuss figures we have to gather and analyse evidence, determine the extent of the injury, review your current economic loss and your predicted future loss, finalise what impacts the injury has on your life and so forth.

Averages of compensation payouts have been released in the 2017 Claimant Research Report conducted by the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC). You can review the report here.

•  Self-litigants averaged a total settlement amount of $13,481.94.         •  The average amount received in hand was $10,281.94.

•  Claimants represented by a Lawyer averaged a total settlement                amount of $93,305.46.                                                                   •  The average amounts received in hand was $51,295.77.

Should I run my own personal injury claim?

If your intention is to save money on legal fees then read on. Firstly, Personal Injury Law firms like Revolution Law operate on a No Win No Fee basis. If they don’t win your case, then they won’t charge you any fees. You don’t have to be concerned with upfront fees and it allows you to focus on your recovery. Personal injury matters run for an average of 18 months, that is a long time to engage a lawyer and it just reflects the amount of time, skill and effort that is required to get a successful result.

The average figures of in the hand amount in the MAIC report shows that claimants can be some 40 thousand dollars better off with their in hand payout even after legal fees.  ­­­­­­These figures speak for themselves and at Revolution Law we would be upfront with you when we initially assess your file if we think you could get a better in hand figure running the matter yourself.

So what you really should be looking for in a Personal Injury Law firm if you aren’t already calling us on 3416 4999 is fair fees and Zero Uplift Fee. An Uplift fee is a fee of up to 25% that many personal injury lawyers will force their client to incur on top of their final base fee if the claim was successful.

Well that sums up three very important questions.  If you would like to know more about our services or if you would like an initial free consultation to discuss your personal injury claim get in touch with a lawyer today on 3416 4999.


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