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If you have suffered an injury because of the actions or negligence of someone else then Revolution Law can help you fast track a legal claim to help your current and future position.  We make it easy for you. 


Our No Win – No Fee and Zero-Risk policy guarantees that  you won’t have to pay our legal costs or any other expenses your matter incurs unless we win your case.  Better yet, when you choose Revolution Law we save you thousands by paying upfront for any outlays. Other firms use loan funding providers which have extremely high interest rates, you can lose thousands of dollars in interest. 


Unlike our competitors, we do not have a sneaky 25% Uplift Fee commonly referred to as a ‘success fee’.  This fee is common practice due to the  financial ‘risk’ on your claim.  We won’t drag you through the legal process unless we believe your claim is valid and when we win, you won’t be punished with extra fees. 


Call us today and we will give you the facts about your claim. We believe in being upfront and clear about the details so that you are completely aware of your rights, entitlements and any potential risks going forward. 

We go above and beyond to save you money, so at the end there is more for you – Ryan Birch

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Compensation Claims

At Revolution Law, we are highly experienced in working with our compensation clients and advocating on your behalf in matters such as TPD. We have a proven track record of obtaining great outcomes for our clients and can work with you to ensure that you are getting the best possible results.

If you wish to know more about your rights after an unfortunate event and you believe that you may be entitled to some kind of compensation, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can talk through your options at no cost, with a no obligation consultation. Compensation claims such as TPD claims can be difficult and complicated, and it’s important that you have sound legal advice from the start in order to get the best outcome.

Car Accident TPD Claims

If you have been involved in a car accident, then it is imperative that you get in touch with us as soon as possible as you may have a TPD compensation claim. When you have legal representation, you can ensure that your insurer is on board with your entitlements. Failure to lodge correctly or not provide the detailed evidence required might prevent the right compensation entitlement from your insurance company.

While you focus on your future, our TPD compensation lawyers can start the process of gathering evidence and working to ensure that your claim is as comprehensive as possible. Our legal team will go above and beyond to ensure that we are giving you the best possible settlement, and we never settle for second best.

If you have been involved in a car accident or a road incident, then we recommend that you speak to one of our team as soon as possible.

Work Accident Claims

Being injured at work can be traumatic and life-changing. In the event that you have been injured and it has resulted in you being unable to go back to work, or even return to your usual occupation then you should seek legal representation. Otherwise, you may risk losing out on TPD compensation.

If you have suffered a physical injury, a psychiatric injury, a disease or other work-related injury or illness, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. It’s important to note that there are strict guidelines which apply to TPD Claims – so if you have been injured don’t delay – call our dedicated compensation lawyers today.

TPD Claims

At Revolution Law, we are proud to support our clients as they seek compensation and settlements for total and permanent disability (TPD) claims. Many superannuation funds have TDP benefits attached, and the purpose of these funds is to support you and to provide financial assistance if you are disabled or injured to the point where you are unable to work again.

Many people try to litigate a TPD claim first hand and then end up calling us pretty promptly – lodging a TPD claim can be stressful and complicated, and it’s important to get things right. If you have multiple policies with superannuation funds, then our compensation lawyers can help to search and find out if you have any other forms of TPD insurance.

Public Injury

If you have been injured in a public area, you may be able to lodge a TPD claim for your injuries. Being hurt is difficult, especially if your injuries come as a result of someone else’s mistake or negligence. Get in touch with our TPD injury and accident lawyers to find out if you are eligible to seek compensation.

Property Damage Claims

Have you been involved in a motor vehicle accident and need compensation for the physical damage to your vehicle? If an insurance company is not involved, it can be very complicated when seeking to repair or replace your vehicle. Our legal team can help to get things back on track for you if your car has been damaged.

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No Win – No Fee

If we don’t win, then you won’t pay a cent . Not for our legal fees and not for outlays.  There is zero risk for you. 


No Uplift Fee

No additional 25% uplift fee on top of your legal fees. It’s a point of difference which means more for you. 


5 Star Reviews

Check out our Five Star Google reviews. We care what you think and we work hard to make you happy.


Fantastic service

Your claim handled with the expertise and compassion you need. Our entire team is professional and approachable. 

After Hours Legal Service

Evening and weekend appointments happily available. 


Mobile Legal Service

We can come to you or opt for an online sign-up. 


Free File Discussion

An obligation free consultation to discuss your legal matter.


Fee Disclosure before Sign-Up

No sneaky surprises, fully understand the expenses. 

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We offer a free meeting on a no-obligation basis with one of our compensation lawyers. We are confident in our expertise, our client rapport, our operating policy, and our ability to get great results. You will feel confident that your claim is our priority.

Call today and save time by chatting to one of our No-Win No-Fee lawyers on the phone. If we think you have a valid claim, we can set up a free meeting at our head office in Slacks Creek, Logan or at one of our serviced offices in Brisbane. However, if you’d rather, we can also come to you – whether it be at your house on the Gold Coast or a coffee shop in Brisbane City. No matter where it is or what your claim involves, we work for you.

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