What Does a Car Accident Lawyer Do? 

What Does a Car Accident Lawyer Do? 

Recently I attended a ‘Compulsory Conference’ for one of our clients, the final meeting for our client and the insurer.

It comes at a time when the client’s injuries have stabilised, and they are at the point of knowing what their life will look like moving forward.

In Ben’s* case, there had been a terrible accident, and his life had changed considerably in a horrific few seconds. On the morning of Ben’s accident, while driving to work, he was unsuspecting that all his dreams and future plans would come tumbling down instantly.

His family reached out to us, knowing that we specialise in Personal Injury Claims. One of the Car Accident / Personal Injury Lawyers immediately started the claim process for compensation.

Our Personal Injury Lawyer reflected on Ben’s life, with the day of the crash as the central point of investigation.

We documented;

  • his physical injuries and recovery
  • the loss of his job
  • the impact on his ability to find and retain any future long-term employment
  • Ben’s previous skills and the new problems he now faced with family responsibilities, recreational activities, travel, and his ability to cope with increased pain, stress and anxiety.
  • The cost of surgeries, treatments, medications and the physical & psychological impact of the accident were all weighed and quantified.

Next was the Compulsory Conference, where our car accident lawyers fought for the best opportunities for Ben’s future health and livelihood.

It’s a big job when you realise it created over 40 physical files of documents, almost 3000 pages in just the most recent brief, numerous medical reports and records, numerous meetings and much more work behind the scenes. But nevertheless, it was a great outcome for Ben; he can take care of himself and look to new dreams.

There was a moment of silence when the conference ended. Then, finally, our Personal Injury lawyer leaned over to shake Ben’s hand. “This is why I became a Personal Injury Lawyer – to see justice done.”

If Ben had his choice, this accident would never have happened. But life does throw curve balls at us, and when it does, the Revolution Car Accident lawyers are there to work on your behalf and fight for your rights.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have been involved in a car accident and wish to learn more. No matter how small or large, everyone should know what opportunities they have to change their future. We specialise in this field of law and are passionate about our client’s futures.

(* to maintain our client’s privacy, we have changed the name)