Avoiding Accidents – Defensive Driving Techniques

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Avoiding Accidents – Defensive Driving Techniques

Car accidents are not only terrifying and expensive but can cost you a lot of pain or even result in death. In Australia, the leading causes of fatal car accidents are drink driving, speeding, fatigue, and driver distractions. It is quite easy to avoid these factors by taking simple precautions like the ones below.

Slow down on the roads

Speed is currently the biggest killer on Australian roads. When you speed it makes it much harder to maintain control of your vehicle, and this is when accidents occur. Every kilometre over the speed limit puts not only you, but others at risk. Ignoring these limits is not only dangerous, but illegal. If you manage to avoid crashing your car you are still at a risk of receiving a hefty fine and losing demerit points. It is not worth risking your life or those of your passengers and other drivers. The easiest way to avoid an accident due to speeding is to not speed in the first place.

Don’t drink and drive

This seems like an obvious one, but unfortunately it does not stop people jumping behind the wheel when intoxicated. Despite strong public health campaigns, drink driving still causes a high number of car accidents and deaths. The easiest way to avoid an accident when drunk is to not get behind the wheel. It is as simple as organising a lift through a sober friend, family member, ride share app, or taxi driver. This also applies if you are the passenger in a car with an intoxicated driver. If you are already in the vehicle then request the driver pulls over and call any of the options mentioned.

Avoid distractions

Looking away from the road, even for two seconds, is extremely dangerous. Getting distracted by your mobile phone is a major contributing factor to a lot of car accidents. If you need to answer your phone or eat or drink then pull across to the side of the road. If accessing your phone is important for your job then consider installing a mobile phone holder on your dashboard. Other distraction factors include passengers inside the vehicle and distractions outside the vehicle. These distractions slow your reaction time, which can lead to riskier driving.


Driving when fatigued dramatically reduces your reaction time on the road and your judgement. The likelihood of falling asleep at the wheel also significantly increases. If you are feeling tired and it is safe to do so then pull over to the side of the road. There are also designated rest stop areas on major motorways that you can use. The only remedy for fatigue is to simply take a break.

Other risky driving behaviour 

The big four are not the only contributing factors to car accidents. Other risk factors that contribute to accidents include:

  • Not wearing your seat belt – not only is it illegal to not wear one, using your seatbelt can be the choice between life and death in an accident.
  • Not ensuring your vehicle is roadworthy – you should make sure that your tyres and lights are in working condition.
  • Forgetting to use your indicator – failing to indicate can confuse other drivers on the road.
  • Tailgating – not only is it rude, but if the car in front suddenly brakes it leaves no time for you to stop.

Staying safe on the roads is not rocket science. Following these tips can help you avoid hurting not only yourself but loved ones and other drivers on the road. If you have unfortunately found yourself in a car accident then contact Revolution Law for a free case review today.

Lawyer, Solicitor, Barrister, Attorney – What’s the Difference and Which Do I Need?

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Lawyer, Solicitor, Barrister, Attorney – What’s the Difference and Which Do I Need?

What is the difference between a lawyer, a solicitor, a barrister and an attorney? Which one of these should you call when you need legal help? We understand these terms may seem confusing to the average person, but fear not! In this article, we’ll go over what the difference is and which one you need depending on your situation. We’ll also go over what these titles entail in Australia’s common law system and what duties fall underneath each member of the legal profession.

These terms are often used interchangeably, and their meaning varies from one legal to system to the next. However, they all have distinct meanings in the Australian legal system.

What is a lawyer and when do you need one?

‘Lawyer’ is a broader umbrella term, which can be used to refer to anyone who has been admitted to the legal profession. The term covers solicitors, barristers and legal executives. To be called a lawyer, one needs a bachelor or post-graduate degree in law, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GDLP), be admitted to the Legal Profession and hold a Practicing Certificate in order to practice as a Lawyer. Lawyers tend to specialise in a specific area of law, such as contract law or property law, although there are some generalist lawyers as well.

What is a solicitor and when do you need one?

A solicitor is someone who has completed a law degree, obtained a practising certificate and been admitted to legal practice. That being the case, most solicitors simply refer to themselves as lawyers.

Solicitors manage day-to-day legal affairs for clients. They are usually the first point of contact when an individual or business needs legal services. For example, they may help with contracts, disputes, business sales or intellectual property issues.

In a criminal case, a solicitor will offer advice and help define the best course of action. They may also draft letters, take care of your initial appointment and gather any court documents or evidence you may need. Solicitors are trained in representing their clients in court and may do so unless a barrister is required. If you wish to have a barrister on your case, you will first need to get a solicitor.

What is a barrister and when do you need one?

A barrister is a type of a lawyer, but not all lawyers are barristers!

Barristers are lawyers whose expertise is advocacy, and they typically only become involved in a legal case when it goes to court. Advocacy stands for representing a client and advocating for their interests in court. Therefore, many advocates you see representing their clients at trial are barristers. To represent a client’s case effectively, a barrister needs to have a strong understanding of court procedures and etiquette.

Generally, barristers are retained with the help of a solicitor. They may meet with you before your court appearance, but will usually not communicate with you directly.

What is an attorney and when do you need one?

The title ‘attorney’ doesn’t have the same meaning in the Australian legal system as it does in the US. In the US, an attorney is a lawyer who has passed a bar examination and can practice law in a specific jurisdiction. In Australia, the term ‘attorney’ or ‘attorney-at-law’ is not commonly used, apart from the case of trademark attorneys. Here, an attorney is a lawyer with further qualifications to deal with intellectual property and patentable technology.

Not sure if a solicitor, barrister or attorney is the best to help you?

If all this seems somewhat confusing, and you’re not sure which of these legal professionals is the best to help you, it may be a good idea to get some advice from a legal expert. At Revolution Law, we offer free over-the-phone advice to get you started on the right path. Call us today for a no-obligation, free legal consultation.

What Are My Rights If I Am Injured Working from Home?

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What Are My Rights If I Am Injured Working from Home?

Covid-19 has seen more and more Australian businesses move to work from home. The sudden spike in remote working has resulted in many changes in how businesses operate. This, of course, has implications on things such as legal responsibilities and insurance coverage. Workers are entitled to compensation if injured at work, but what about injuries at the home office? The new normal may have you asking, “what are my rights if I am injured working from home?”

Employer obligations

The Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995 outlines that employees are still covered when injured while working from home. Employers are required to ensure that you have a safe working environment, even in a work-from-home situation. Queensland businesses should also have a WorkCover accident insurance policy in place.

Getting injured while working from home

According to WorkCover law, workers are entitled to compensation if they suffer an injury “arising out of or in the course of any employment”. However, the line between “course of employment” and free time can seem blurred when working from home.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many workers have had to work outside their usual hours as they try to balance home-schooling and childcare duties. This is why work from home injury claims will need to be considered on a case-by-case basis to determine whether the injury happened while working. For example, was the employee still logged into workplace systems and software when the injury occurred?

While working from home, the employee also has a duty of care in terms of their own workplace health and safety. It’s the responsibility of the employee to maintain a safe environment. This could include things such as…

  • Installing fire alarms
  • Restraining animals
  • Maintaining electrical equipment
  • Repairing broken steps

Case Study: Hargreaves vs. Telstra Corporation Ltd

A famous Australian example of injury compensation while working from home is the Hargreaves vs. Telstra case. Telstra employee Dale Hargreaves slipped down the stairs twice in her home while working remotely for Telstra.

When she took legal action against Telstra, the company denied liability, as the accidents occurred away from her workstation and outside typical office hours.

However, the tribunal ruled that the injury “arose out of Ms Hargreaves’ employment with Telstra”, hence making it a workplace injury.

The first fall occurred when Hargreaves left her desk to retrieve cough medicine from the fridge.  It was deemed a workplace accident, as Ms Hargreaves regularly worked late, and the break was a necessary one to ease her coughing.

The second fall occurred when she was locking her front door, as per Telstra’s instructions, after a break-in at her home. This fall was also deemed a workplace accident, as Ms Hargreaves was following a reasonable direction from her employer. Hence, the injury fell within the scope of her employment.

What about contractors and freelancers?

In Australia, contractors and freelancers are not automatically covered by their employer’s workers’ compensation policy. We recommend contractors and freelancers take out their own insurance policies to ensure they are covered in case of injury.

What to do if you get injured while working at home

If you have been injured while working from home, it’s essential to follow the usual procedures. This includes visiting a doctor to get a medical certificate, notifying your employer and lodging a WorkCover claim as soon as you can.

Are you looking for further advice on where you stand in terms of your injury while working from home? Revolution Law can help you with your workers’ compensation claim. We start off by offering free advice over the phone, followed by a coffee meeting where we further discuss your situation and fully disclose our fees. What’s more, if there’s no win, there’s no fee. Contact Revolution Law today.

Insurers Scaremongering Queenslanders blaming Lawyers for Premium rises

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Insurers Scaremongering Queenslanders blaming Lawyers for Premium rises

The Queensland Law Society shared the following article late last year. We have dug it up to give it the re-share it deserves. Insurers consistently blaming personal injury lawyers is an ongoing and very weak debate which all comes back to the insurers wanting their mega profits to be multi-mega profits.  Queensland’s current CTP scheme runs laps around those from other states and we are strong advocates for it to continue on as is. We have the experience and privileged of supporting injured victims who through no fault of their own have to face a painful and more difficult future. This is the purpose of CTP insurance, to compensate the victims.

Have  a read of the article and share with us your thoughts:

QLD CTP proposal slammed by lawyer group as insurer greed

27th Aug 2017

The Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) has strongly criticised calls from Suncorp and RACQ for changes to Queensland’s Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance scheme that would see less benefits for injured motorists.

ALA Queensland Director, Rod Hodgson, said the insurer’s defined benefits proposal is driven by a desire for greater profits and fails to recognise that Queensland’s CTP scheme is the best run and best structured CTP scheme in Australia.

“Queenslanders should be proud of the stability, access to justice and affordability provided by our CTP scheme”, Mr Hodgson said.

“Premiums in Queensland are second lowest in the country and the Queensland CTP scheme provides good access to benefits for those who are injured.

“From time to time we see insurers running the argument that the sky will fall in and there is a crisis in the CTP scheme – the problem for the insurers is that is simply not true,” he said.

Mr Hodgson said it’s important to acknowledge a number of facts about CTP insurance in Queensland. They are:

  • In addition to being inexpensive the Queensland scheme has a very low disputation rate, which sees less than 1 per cent of matters commenced go to court;
  • Claims which lack merit are almost non-existent – if an insurer believes that a claim lacks merit they should do their job properly and dispute the claim;
  • The Queensland courts have a strong track record of supporting only claims which have merit and dodgy claims are not tolerated;
  • Defined benefits schemes are simply insurance company code for “we know best, benefits ought to be less and the courts ought to get out”;
  • The interstate experience of such schemes is of higher disputation rates, because people are unhappy with those schemes;
  • A race to the bottom by joining some of those interstate models is not in the interests of Queensland motorists who can be very proud of our present scheme and how it’s run; and
  • Queensland has long had a strong focus on rehabilitation and this was recently enhanced with changes that see those catastrophically injured from 01 July 2016 having access to not fault coverage

Mr Hodgson also singled out RACQ for their rank hypocrisy.

“This is an organisation that promotes itself as an honest advocacy group for motorists, some of whom will have the misfortune to be injured on the road,” Mr Hodgson said.

“RACQ is a big insurer and its call for a defined benefits scheme is in truth a call for a smashing of rights and benefits for those people who have had the misfortune to be injured, often through no fault of their own.

“That detriment to RACQ members reflects perfectly how the RACQ insurance company tail wags the advocacy dog” he said.

What is a Statutory Claim Vrs Common Law Claim for Work Injury Compensation Matters.

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What is a Statutory Claim Vrs Common Law Claim for Work Injury Compensation Matters.

Many workers are confused when it comes to their rights in a work place accident and understanding that there are two types of claims that can occur in a Workers Compensation matter.

A flow chat that shows the workcover statutory process

The first claim that you will make if you have been injured at work or on your way to work is called a Statutory Claim. This claim is started when you fill in an application and lodge it with WorkCover or your employer’s self-insurer. It is more than likely your employer will hold their accident insurance policy with WorkCover.  Once WorkCover has approved your claim you will start being able to receiving benefits which may include weekly compensation for lost wages, rehabilitation and medical treatment, travel costs and funeral and death benefits. To finalise the Statutory Claim, WorkCover may assess you for a permanent impairment percentage and then make you a small lump sum offer to compensate you for injuries.

This is the crucial point in which you need to seek legal advice from one of our personal injury lawyers. If you have been assessed with a permanent impairment of 20% and above, then you will be able to both accept the lump sum offer from the statutory claim and then you may also be able to proceed to running a common law claim as well. Should you have been assessed with a permanent impairment of 20% and under, then you will have to decide whether you wish to proceed with a common law claim which would mean you have to reject the lump sum offer of the statutory claim. We will provide you with free advice on what your options are going forward to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

The second claim that you may be proceed to is called the Common Law Claim.You cannot make a common law claim without first having made a statutory claim. While a statutory claim is a no fault scheme which does not look at who is liable for the accident and simply protects a worker in the event of an accident, a common law claim does consider who is at fault for the injury. For a common law claim to be successful your employer’s negligence needs to be proven in their breach of their duty to provide a safe and supervised work environment.

Our job as expert Workers Compensation Lawyers is to smoothly run a workers’ compensation claim and obtain you the maximum settlement amount to compensate you for the injuries you have sustained at work. This area of law is extremely complicated and it is risky to attempt running the claim yourself self as it could even mean you end up with little or no compensation.  We cannot stress the importance of seeking expert advice even if it is just for a free initial meeting to discuss your personal injury. After all it is your right to be able to go to work and return home again without suffering an injury.

To speak to a Lawyer immediately call our office on 07 3416 4999.

How to Make Sure You Don’t Fall Asleep At the Wheel

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How to Make Sure You Don’t Fall Asleep At the Wheel

In Queensland between 2004 and 2010 almost one in seven road accident fatalities were related to fatigue. Some injuries and fatalities could be avoided if drowsy drivers didn’t get behind the wheel. The key to changing these shocking statistics are taking action when you’re fatigued and developing habits that promote better sleep.

Sleep Deprivation Affects the Brain

Lack of sleep causes more than a few yawns. It changes the way the brain works. When you don’t get the rest you need, your mind tries to compensate. Neurons, the cells that send the signals to process information or move the body, slow down in an attempt to bring the brain to a sleep state. Your brain’s slowdown looks like:

  • missing exits and turns.

  • drifting out of your lane.

  • losing km’s (short-term memory loss wherein you forget the last few kilometers traveled).

  • increased aggression and mood changes.

When sleep deprived, your brain processes information at a slower rate, which affects decision-making skills and reaction times. The difference between a close call and a deadly accident may only be the matter of a few seconds. To make sensible decisions, the brain must be firing at full speed.

When It’s Time to Take Action

If you start to notice the symptoms of drowsy driving, even the early ones like slow blinking and frequent yawning, you can take action that could save a life. When driving alone, try pulling over in a safe, well-lit area to take a short nap. Short, 30-minute naps have been shown to reverse many of the effects of a bad night’s sleep. If you can’t spare that much time, 15-20 minutes might still be enough to get you home safely.

Road trips can be especially dangerous. When traveling with a partner, be sure to switch drivers every two hours. Take the time to close your eyes when you’re in the passenger seat. While you might lose a little time to fatigue, remember that you’re protecting yourself, your family, and everyone else on the road.

How to Get Better Sleep

For those who struggle with drowsy driving, try to make sleep a priority. Everything from stress to your work schedule may get in the way of getting a full seven to eight hours of sleep. But, better sleep can be yours with the right habits and conditions.

  • Create the Right Conditions: Your bedroom needs to be a sleep sanctuary. Be sure you have a comfortable mattress that supports your back and prevents any nighttime waking from aches and pains. The right pillow will also help you have a restful night. Keep your bedroom a cool 60-68 degrees at night and cut out as much sound and light as possible.

  • Eat the Right Food: Some foods actively promote better sleep. Foods rich in Vitamin B6, which is used to make melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone, help your body regulate the sleep cycle. Try adding fish, chickpeas, or bananas into your diet. Calcium-rich foods also help the body release the hormones that trigger sleep. A warm glass of milk or low-fat yogurt before bed can help your eyes close faster at night.

  • Establish a Regular Bedtime Routine: Those who have trouble falling asleep often benefit from a regular bedtime routine that includes relaxing activities like a warm bath, reading a book, or a few deep breathing exercises. For the best results, perform your routine in the same order at the same time every night.

The Importance of Reporting Work Place Accidents

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The Importance of Reporting Work Place Accidents

Injuries and fatalities can occur in an unsafe work environment. Work Safe Australia has played an important role since 2008 in developing national policies regarding Workplace Health and Safety and Workers Compensation. While Australia holds an excellent track record in improving the conditions of employment for workers we are still seeing high numbers of fatalities and injuries at work throughout Australia.   In 2017 there were 181 fatalities at work and this year hasn’t seen much improvement with already 16 work related deaths reported by mid-February.  All workers should be able to go to their workplace without risk or fear of being involved in an incident that will negatively impact the rest of their lives.

Incident Prevention – Report your Concerns

When you report the poor safety conduct of a business you are preventing dangerous accidents taking place.  A safe work place means that employees can work without; death, injury or illness.

Step 1. 

Try to resolve the matter by first reporting unsafe work conditions to your workplace management. You can do this verbally, but it is helpful to write a report or letter documenting your concerns for both your own and your employers record.

Step 2.

If management does not take appropriate action to rectify the reported unsafe work conditions and further communication from employers will not prove to be of benefit then the next step is to contact WorkSafe Qld on 1300 362 128.

 Unsafe Work Condition Examples

  • Fork Lift Incidents

Accidents occurring due to improper use of fork lifts including workers being run over by fork lifts due to negligent or improperly licenced fork lift drivers and accidents caused due to misloading.

  • Farming Accidents

Farm workers being poorly trained or untrained in carrying out risky jobs.  Farm workers performing jobs in dangerous weather conditions. Lack of safety equipment and sufficient supervision.

  • Knife and Blade Injuries

Workers operating machinery without safety guards. Emergency off switches not being in an easily accessible location. Workers not trained to use knives and bladed machinery.

  • Working at height Risks

Workers being expected to complete tasks at height with no scaffolding or insufficient scaffolding.  Workers not being provided with sufficient work safety gear or training.

  • Hazardous Manual Tasks

Workers being expected to repetitively lift heavy objects without being supplied with sufficient lifting equipment for bulky or heavy items. Workers not being trained to lift safely.

WorkCover Injury Process

If you have been injured at work then there are two types of claims, you can look at making.  The first claim is called Workers compensation statutory claims. This claim is where no fault on the employer needs to be established.  If you have been involved in an accident at work which could not have been prevented or was your fault, then you are still entitled to make this claim. You will be able to access benefits and compensation to assist you in your recover and/or return to work.

Should you believe your work place should be held accountable and that your injury could have been prevented then following the initial claim Workers compensation statutory claim you will be able to run a Workers Compensation Common Law Claim.  For this claim the employers fault or negligence must be established.

By seeking free and unbiased legal advice when you apply for WorkCover you will become aware of your legal rights and you will be able to ensure that your matter is properly received and attended to by WorkCover.  Our Lawyers regularly assist in general WorkCover inquires and questions. So if you have any concerns then rest assured that we will be able to provide you with obligation free advice to ensure that you can obtain the best outcome.

Compensation Lawyers Brisbane

Revolution Law will only act in your best interest. Call us today for a Free TPD Claim Assessment.

  • No Win No Fee
  • Experienced WorkCover Lawyers
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How to Choose the Right Compensation Lawyer for your Case

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How to Choose the Right Compensation Lawyer for your Case

Have you been injured at work, while driving or in a public place? You may be eligible to make a TPD claim to seek compensation for your injuires and any distress or loss that you have suffered.

In the instance that you are going to seek compensation, it’s important that you first seek appropriate legal representation. With the right legal team by your side, you will be able to ensure that you maximise the compensation available to you while also ensuring that the compensation process is hassle-free and as smooth as possible.

When it comes to choosing your legal representation, it’s important that you consider the overall experience and skill of your lawyer, as well as their experience in your particular area. We’re going to go through some of the main things you need to consider when choosing a personal injury lawyer for your case.

Get Your Family, Friends or Colleagues to Refer You

While you may never have sought compensation before, you can be fairly certain that you know someone who has. It’s prudent that you ask your family, friends and work colleagues for a referral for a personal injury lawyer. If someone trusts a lawyer enough to recommend them to you in your time of need, you can be fairly certain that they’re going to be an asset to you when seeking compensation.

Get Online and Read Their Reviews

When you have a recommendation from someone, it’s not enough to simply go with that – you need to also read reviews about the legal firm and, preferably, about the legal representative themselves. The majority of legal firms have Facebook and other social media profiles, and it’s possible to find reviews and client feedback about your legal professional.

Make sure you take the time to read as much as you can about your prospective lawyer so that you know you’re getting the right person for you. Take a look at their areas of experience – have they worked with road accidents if that’s what you’re seeking compensation for? Perhaps you have been injured at work, in which case you’re going to need to have a legal professional who can provide you with the support you need in this area.

You can also look into the firm itself and check out things like Google reviews or other online review platforms. Then, once you have done sufficient research, you can even call up the firm and have a chat to them to find out if they’re a good fit.

Make Sure They Have the Experience You Need

It’s rare that you’ll find a lawyer who specialises in a number of areas, given that the law is complex and legislation does change fairly regularly. You’ll need to choose a lawyer or a legal firm who are specialists in personal injury, and who have the expertise in your particular field.

At Revolution Law, for example, we specialise in TPD compensation claims.  We are particularly experienced in car accident claims, workers’ compensation, public liability claims and other specialist areas of road accidents like bike injuries, pedestrian injuries and bus injuries. We are experts in these areas and operate on a no win, no fee basis which means that we are here for you with absolutely no risk.

Choose Revolution Law

When you are injured as a result of someone elses’ negligence or actions, it can be an extremely difficult time. Often you are unable to work, exercise or do what you would usually be able to do due to your injury. Our aim as your legal representative is to make the compensation process as smooth and easy as possible so that you can get on with your life. When you work with us at Revolution Law, you have one less thing to worry about.

Contact us today for a free consultation or get in touch via phone on (07) 3416 4999. We are based in Brisbane but also service the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast and all suburbs in between.

We Want to See you at Light of the World

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We Want to See you at Light of the World

This year, we are looking forward to being one of the sponsors for ‘Light of the World.’ Light of the World is a fantastic community multicultural music festival which provides a safe and exciting option for anyone looking for a Halloween alternative in the city of Logan. This event is exceptionally well run by the not-for-profit group Children of Destiny, their goal is to provide parents and children with the option to celebrate without the spooky horror which can be very overwhelming for little ones.

Throughout the night there will be a variety of fantastic entertainment from local community groups. This entertainment will include but not  be limited to music, singing and dance performances. There will be food trucks, drink stalls, games and most importantly children will be able to purchase an unlimited ride pass for just $5. This event is totally affordable and fun for everyone which will mean that there will be an incredible turn out.
Revolution Law loves being a part of events like this and we are looking forward to running an easy to win and fun to play chocolate game called Lob a Chocolate. It was easy for us to choose this game because we are huge fans of anything chocolate!  100 percent of the money that we raise on the night will be given to a group that we know personally who organises Christmas gifts for widows in the tribal villages of India. In past years widows have been given chooks which they used to create micro businesses due to the egg lay, they have further been given cooking pots, clothing, heavy duty blankets and access to a social worker. All of these gifts are practical and appreciated with some 500-2000 widows every year be overwhelmed to receive such meaningful gifts at Christmas.
So, don’t forget to dress up in something exciting and bright and come on down to the Light of the World Festival on the 31st of October 2017. The event starts at 4.30 and is located at Mabel Park High on Paradise Road, Slacks Creek Logan.
Should you have recently experienced an injury at work, in a car accident or due to medical negligence our Personal Injury Lawyers will be available to give you free advice and guidance at the festival. Alternatively you can pop into our Logan Personal Injury Law office which is located at the Argonaut on Kingston Road.

Happy Law Firm. Happy Clients. It Just Makes Sense.

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Happy Law Firm. Happy Clients. It Just Makes Sense.

Unlike any other personal injury law firm we know, our firm hasn’t been advertising recently. Even our odd billboard has received the chop because we find that every second billboard is that of a personal injury advertisement and the world really doesn’t need one more. We will of course release the odd Facebook post every now and then just so everyone knows that we are not from a prehistoric era and we can be social media savvy.  As such, it has not been our catch phrases, our non-existent marketing team or our incredibly good looks which have been keeping us exceptionally busy lately.

Rather, it has been our past and current clients who have been sharing our name and for that, we are sincerely grateful. For us, this is an overwhelming sense of accomplishment to be in a position where clients are so completely satisfied with our service that not only do they walk away feeling happy with their entire legal experience but they also place their confidence in us by referring us on to their friends and family for any of their personal injury claims.  A large enterprise can’t just rely on Word of Mouth, rather you have to have a consistent and excessively expensive marketing campaign with the costs being passed on to the clients.  Rather than utilising expensive marketing options, at Revolution Law we focus on consistent and memorable service.

A high standard of service can only be provided when you have a team that supports the Director and believes in the ethos of the business. We are fortunate enough to be backed by an incredible team who are each individually committed and exceptional in every way. It is our team that keeps this high standard of service and that are amazing advocates for Revolution Law. We can place our full trust in their hands knowing that each injury matter will be treated with the respect it deserves.  Growth and size of a business take away that personal touch and experience that we know clients are seeking particularly after they have experienced a traumatic accident.

A huge amount of work goes into a running a personal injury claim, they are time intensive, require significant attention to detail and a proactive lawyer that is passionate about going the extra mile as opposed to placing complicated or difficult matters into the too hard basket.   A poorly run claim can have detrimental effects on the end result which once settled, cannot be overturned.  For this reason, we also refuse to advertise when we are experiencing particularly busy periods. We don’t want to ever be in a position where our clients become just a number and we become so time poor that we can’t be anything but exceptional advocates for their injury claims. It doesn’t matter how ‘commercially viable’, how big or how small your claim is – we can guarantee that we will go above and beyond to run your claim to an impeccable standard thus ensuring the best possible outcome.

Ryan our Director regularly gets asked about his ambition for the firm. It seems in law circles, success is often measured by turning a boutique practice into a larger and more corporate personal injury firm. However, for Ryan, success is happiness. Happiness is when your clients are content and feel comfortable to give you a call on your mobile. Happiness is having an amazing legal team who are just as passionate about the business as the Director. Happiness is having the local school kids come in and ask you to buy some hot chips because they haven’t been lurking next to the front door all day. Happiness is being able to give to charities that we believe in. Happiness is when your clients are happy with the results and give you a google review! So perhaps some might be a bit shocked that we don’t just hire more staff, advertise more and grow our firm into an impersonal, money spinning, corporate venture but ultimately, it comes down to the fact that we are just happy with what we have and what we can provide to our clients.

Have you suffered due to someone else’s negligence at work or on the roads?  We can explain your legal rights to ensure that you know where you stand.

If you have questions then check us out on www.revolutionlaw.com.au , call us on 07 3416 3999 or pop into our Logan office on Kingston Road and speak to one of our experienced compensation lawyers.

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