How to change your CTP insurer?

What does CTP Insurance do for me?

The Queensland vehicle registration includes a separate insurance called Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance.   You can choose between four insurers;  in alphabetical order- 

✔AAI Limited (trading as Suncorp)

✔ Allianz Australia Insurance Limited

✔ QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited

✔ RACQ Insurance Limited (trading as RACQ Insurance)

Fun Fact – Did you know you can change your CTP? If you decide to change, the new insurer will take over on your next registration renewal. 

First, do a CTP Insurer Search with MAIC to see your options. 

A new screen will come up with the premium of each insurer, the reasons each insurer wants you to select them and details of how to change to your preferred insurer. 

Or you can wait for your vehicle registration invoice and change the insurer on the CTP Invoice (behind the registration notice) 

Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance is your protection on the roads.

CTP Insurance covers you if you accidentally injure someone while you are driving.  Instead of the injured person claiming against you for the cost of treatment & medical expenses, the loss of income and all the rest of it, they claim against the Compulsory Third Party Insurance. CTP is your protection against financial disaster. 

On the other hand – if you are the one injured in an car crash, you can claim against the at-fault driver’s  CTP Insurance for all medical treatment, treatment expenses such as medication and rehabilitation, domestic assistance (if needed), past and future economic loss (including time off work), and damages for ‘pain and suffering’. Again – this insurance can save you from the financial disaster of the cost of getting your life back on track after an accident.   

If you have had a car accident and need help claiming compensation for injuries and loss of income, contact us for a free consultation. Our lawyers are compassionate and experienced with Personal Injury Law Claims. 

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