Brisbane and Logan E-Scooters

Quiet and green with no harmful emission of gases, they are convenient, low maintenance, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. November 2018 saw Brisbane start her relationship with e-scooters, and within the first seven months, commuters and tourists jumped on board, with over a million trips recorded!

As with all new relationships, there has been some working out how we negotiate this new territory, and to help this, on 1st November 2022, the Queensland Government brought out a new code of rules for Personal Mobility Devices. These include changes to speed limits and increasing fines of up to $1,078 for dangerous offences involving speed, illegal road use and holding a mobile phone while riding. If you break the road rules whioe on your scooter, you will be given the same fines as motorists.

Personal Mobility Devices include e-scooters, e-skateboards and self-balancing single-wheeled devices (like e-unicycles and e-boards). Designed for one person, they weigh no more than 60kg and will have an electric motor and two or more wheels.

Here are some smart guidelines to a injury claim on a scooter;

  • Keep left and give way to pedestrians and mobility devices (eg wheelchairs)
  • Travel at the right speed for where you are
  • Travel at a safe distance from a pedestrian so you can avoid a collision
  • Do not tailgate
  • Keep left of oncoming bicycles and other personal mobility devices.
  • Wear a helmet
  • Mobile phones can be mounted to the handlebar as a GPS Or speedometer. BUT you are not allowed to have a phone in your hand or tucked into your clothing.
  • It must have an effective stopping system and a working bell (or warning device)
  • The rider must be at least 16 years old (12-16 years must be supervised by an adult)
  • Only one person at a time on the Personal Mobility Device.
  • Indicate when turning right – by indicators or using your hand
  • Park responsibly – do not obstruct paths, access areas or park too close to junctions
  • Do not ride ‘under the influence of alcohol or other substances

How fast can I go?

  • Footpath & Shared Paths 12km/h
  • Separated paths & Bike Paths, Bike lanes & Local Streets 25km /h

Whatever the environment, look around for local signage. You may find Personal Mobility Devices to be prohibited, like in your local Shopping Malls.

If you do have an accident while scooting on a hire scooter (either from a scooter or on a scooter) contact the insurance company of the Scooter company (listed below)

Beam Insurance Policy

Neuron Insurance Policy

Helbiz Insurance Policy

If you are in a scooter accident, you may have a TPD claim with your Insurance policy attached to your superannuation. It can all be very confronting, annoying, and even stressful, especially when you should be recovering. If you’d like assistance going through your policies, your Revolution Lawyer specialises in injury claims and can help you check through your superannuation with you.

Contact the Revolution Law Team for options if you are hurt in any mobile accident, car or scooter accident. You can have a FREE no-obligation meeting with one of our Lawyers.