WorkCover, what are you entitled to?

Your employers WorkCover insurance covers medical expenses incurred because of the injury, such as visits to the doctor, surgeries, hospital stays, and prescription medications. The goal of WorkCover is to help you get recover in a timely manner and this made possible as WorkCover will fund a range of rehabilitation therapy such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy. WorkCover may also cover the cost of mental health care if your injury has caused you psychological distress.

WorkCover also provides financial assistance for lost wages. The first week of your compensation will come directly from your employer as this is their insurance excess for your WorkCover claim. WorkCover will calculate what they will compensate you and this will be paid weekly. Typically, you will be paid 85% of your wage for up to 26 weeks of your claim, then from 26 to 103 weeks you will typically be paid 75% of your wage. If you are still unfit for work from 104 weeks onwards, compensation will depend on other factors.

In addition, the insurance may cover the cost of any necessary retraining that you need to return to work. WorkCover also can arrange for a return-to-work services provider to assist you with preparing a resume or finding suitable jobs to apply for. WorkCover may also pay for any necessary medical equipment or modifications to your home or workplace that are required to help you perform your job duties.

Overall, WorkCover insurance provides financial support to help you manage the costs associated with an injury sustained while working. It also provides ongoing financial assistance if you are unable to return to work.

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