The Importance of Reporting Work Place Accidents

Injuries and fatalities can occur in an unsafe work environment. Work Safe Australia has played an important role since 2008 in developing national policies regarding Workplace Health and Safety and Workers Compensation. While Australia holds an excellent track record in improving the conditions of employment for workers we are still seeing high numbers of fatalities and injuries at work throughout Australia.   In 2017 there were 181 fatalities at work and this year hasn’t seen much improvement with already 16 work related deaths reported by mid-February.  All workers should be able to go to their workplace without risk or fear of being involved in an incident that will negatively impact the rest of their lives.

Incident Prevention – Report your Concerns

When you report the poor safety conduct of a business you are preventing dangerous accidents taking place.  A safe work place means that employees can work without; death, injury or illness.

Step 1. 

Try to resolve the matter by first reporting unsafe work conditions to your workplace management. You can do this verbally, but it is helpful to write a report or letter documenting your concerns for both your own and your employers record.

Step 2.

If management does not take appropriate action to rectify the reported unsafe work conditions and further communication from employers will not prove to be of benefit then the next step is to contact WorkSafe Qld on 1300 362 128.

 Unsafe Work Condition Examples

  • Fork Lift Incidents

Accidents occurring due to improper use of fork lifts including workers being run over by fork lifts due to negligent or improperly licenced fork lift drivers and accidents caused due to misloading.

  • Farming Accidents

Farm workers being poorly trained or untrained in carrying out risky jobs.  Farm workers performing jobs in dangerous weather conditions. Lack of safety equipment and sufficient supervision.

  • Knife and Blade Injuries

Workers operating machinery without safety guards. Emergency off switches not being in an easily accessible location. Workers not trained to use knives and bladed machinery.

  • Working at height Risks

Workers being expected to complete tasks at height with no scaffolding or insufficient scaffolding.  Workers not being provided with sufficient work safety gear or training.

  • Hazardous Manual Tasks

Workers being expected to repetitively lift heavy objects without being supplied with sufficient lifting equipment for bulky or heavy items. Workers not being trained to lift safely.

WorkCover Injury Process

If you have been injured at work then there are two types of claims, you can look at making.  The first claim is called Workers compensation statutory claims. This claim is where no fault on the employer needs to be established.  If you have been involved in an accident at work which could not have been prevented or was your fault, then you are still entitled to make this claim. You will be able to access benefits and compensation to assist you in your recover and/or return to work.

Should you believe your work place should be held accountable and that your injury could have been prevented then following the initial claim Workers compensation statutory claim you will be able to run a Workers Compensation Common Law Claim.  For this claim the employers fault or negligence must be established.

By seeking free and unbiased legal advice when you apply for WorkCover you will become aware of your legal rights and you will be able to ensure that your matter is properly received and attended to by WorkCover.  Our Lawyers regularly assist in general WorkCover inquires and questions. So if you have any concerns then rest assured that we will be able to provide you with obligation free advice to ensure that you can obtain the best outcome.

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