What is a Schedule of Damages, and Do I need one?

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What is a Schedule of Damages, and Do I need one?

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You may be asking, what is the Schedule of Damages? And how does it relate to a Personal Injury Claim?

compensation claim starts when you have suffered an injury from an accident due to negligence from another party and suffered a resulting loss.

As the claim progresses, the lawyer will ask questions and discuss with you how the accident and resulting injury has impacted your lifestyle and ability to work and play.

Your Revolution Lawyer will take into account many factors, such as;

– pre-accident hobbies & sports

– any monetary loss incurred

– your employment

– earnings

– what your future may have looked like without the injury.

We listen to your story and document it all with precision and sensitivity.

It takes time and resources to gather all the evidence required to establish the claim. Still, our team highly specialises with years of experience understanding Personal Injury Claims requirements.

When your injuries have stabilised, your lawyer will present the collected evidence outlining the loss you have suffered. Skilled lawyers quantify that loss into a financial document which is known as the ‘Schedule of Damages’

It will detail:

  • General Damages. Loss which came about as a result of pain, disability or disfigurement. They are the damages that are not capable of precise calculation. It is compensation for the loss of your quality of life.
  • Pecuniary Loss. This is the total out-of-pocket expenses you have paid out. It might include medical and rehabilitation costs, medications, and the cost of care and support services you have needed for yourself and your home in your journey towards health after the injuries.
  • Income Loss This is the economic loss you have had since the injury to the date of settlement and potentially any economic loss into the future. It will also include superannuation.

Out simply, the Schedule of Damages is all your losses calculated and measured in dollars. This, with the documented proof, is used as part of your compensation claim to obtain compensation for the injury.

Compensation is meant to put you in the position you should have been in if you had not been injured. 

If you have suffered an accident on the roads or an injury at work don’t hesitate to call us. We will organise a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our lawyers. Contact us at info@revolutionlaw.com.au or phone 07 3416 4999. And don’t be alarmed – our Legally Kids ‘Malicat’ will not be preparing your Schedule of Damages!