Drink Driving Case Study

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Drink Driving Case Study

“A Brisbane woman was allegedly driving drunk when she hit and killed an elderly pedestrian who was walking on a footpath. The Sunnybank Hills woman, 48, was driving on Beenleigh Rd in Kuraby about 7.45am on Sunday when she allegedly struck the 72-year-old woman. The elderly woman died at the scene. The driver allegedly refused to undertake a roadside breath or saliva test, and also allegedly refused to give a blood sample for alcohol content testing. When she eventually did agree to testing, it is alleged she was found to be under the influence of alcohol.”-

Brisbane News November 2022


This news article is just one of many, another tragic event of someone falling victim to a driver’s choice to drink and then drive. Alcohol is a big part of many celebrations in Queensland. Sadly the consequences of people drinking and then driving result in many of

Queensland’s road fatalities and hospitalised casualties.

The cost of driving after too many drinks can be harsh. Social stigma and hardship caused by being unable to drive, court appearances, licence suspension and disqualification, heavy fines and even imprisonment.

The best way to keep you, your driver’s license and most importantly, those around you safe is to be proactive during the upcoming festive celebrations!

If you do not want to limit yourself, plan how you will party.

  • Have a designated driver
  • Choose to travel by taxi, uber or public transport.
  • Host the party at your place and have beds available for guests that are drinking alcohol.
  • Choose venues with a decent non-alcoholic drink selection for the designated driver and to give more options to anyone who needs to limit their alcohol intake for medical or other reasons. Make sure everyone gets to enjoy the party!
  • Keeping tabs on your drinkswith this or this handy app
  • Look out for your mates – don’t let drunk friends drive.

If you or your loved one suffers injuries as a victim of a drink driving accident (either as a passenger, pedestrian,  driver or cyclist), don’t hesitate to reach out to us. The CTP Insurance attached to the vehicle’s registration can fund rehabilitation,  reimburse lost wages and superannuation (also considering future lost earnings,) and fund any care,  support and adaptations you might need for your home or vehicle.   This compensation is there for you to get back on your feet.

If the vehicle is unregistered or if it is a hit-and-run, your lawyer will pursue compensation from the Nominal Defendant – the statutory office acting as the CTP insurer for uninsured or unidentified vehicles.