Compensation Payouts for Motor Vehicle Accident Claims.

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Compensation Payouts for Motor Vehicle Accident Claims.

If you have been injured in a car accident and you are wondering about compensation and monetary payouts then read on to find out the answers to the questions you are really asking.

Can I make a compensation claim after a car accident?

If you have been injured in an accident of which you are not at fault for then the answer is yes. Injuries can include anything from whiplash, broken bones and paralysis. It doesn’t matter if you are the passenger, another driver or a pedestrian, you have the right to bring forward a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver’s CTP insurer. If you are unsure of whose fault it was or have some odd circumstances then speak to one of our Lawyers for free about the accident.

How much are car accident compensation payout figures?

To give people a range that is specific to their case is impossible during the initial stages of their claim. Each claim is unique and compensation figures are based on a range of factors which are specific to the claimant. Before we can discuss figures we have to gather and analyse evidence, determine the extent of the injury, review your current economic loss and your predicted future loss, finalise what impacts the injury has on your life and so forth.

Averages of compensation payouts have been released in the 2017 Claimant Research Report conducted by the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC). You can review the report here.

• On their own, self-litigants averaged a total settlement amount of $13,481.94.

• The average amount self-litigants received in hand was $10,281.94.

• Injured claimants that opted for Legal representation averaged a total settlement amount of $93,305.46.

• The average compensation payout legally represented claimants received in their hand was $51,295.77.

Should I run my own personal injury claim?

If your intention is to save money on legal fees then read on. Firstly, personal injury firms like Revolution Law operate on a No-Win No-Fee basis. If we don’t win your case, then we won’t charge you any fees. But it’s not just about engaging a lawyer with no risk to you and without the requirement of having to pay upfront fees – it is the fact that to get the type of compensation payout results shown in the MAIC report requires easily 100 plus hours of detailed legal work from experienced and experts.

The average figures in the MAIC report evidence’s that claimants can be some 40 thousand dollars better off with their in hand payout. This is after legal fees are taken into consideration. These figures speak for themselves in the reality of engaging a lawyer.

Why Choose Revolution Law?

This is an absolutely shameless plug about the fact that we are proud of what we do and we love getting the best possible results for our clients. It’s a great feeling being able to see our clients move forward with financial security for their family after a traumatic event taking so much.

In your initial free consultation, we can easily assess your matter to see if it has any merit. We have no problems in being upfront with you. If we think you can get a better result without legal advice, we’d tell you!

Our fees are capped at 50% of your final payout. It doesn’t mean that we will charge you that much, it just means that if we do an extreme 500 hours of work and you only get a terrible settlement offer of only 20 thousand dollars then we can only take 10 thousand dollars in fees. Don’t stress too much, our lawyer will go through a full fee disclosure before you even sign up. We have nothing to hide and no the importance of being clear with fees.

Speaking about fees, it should be mentioned we have No Uplift Fees. Most firms charge an additional 25% on their fees if they have been successful on your matter. That is their way of trying to bump their fees up as much as possible. You pay for what you should, we don’t need a success fee because that is your entitlement.

Another one of our bonuses which can save you thousands is that carry the costs of obtaining medico-legal reports, plus the costs of gathering other evidence. Most firms use a third party which charges the client an exorbitantly high-interest amount which you have to pay back from your compensation. It’s the cash converters of the Legal world and it’s costly. When you are with us, we carry these expenses and the best bit is, we won’t charge you any interest and if your matter doesn’t settle then our business will bare those expenses so that you can truly walk away without any financial commitment.

Lastly, the Director and owner of the firm not only works at the office but is still actively engaged in overseeing and checking up on all clients throughout their claim’s process. You can get in touch with him at any stage throughout your claim. This firm is personal, you are not a number. Your success is our success.