The provision of legal services by Revolution Law is a specialised professional activity. The quality and accuracy of our service relies on information that we receive and the use we make of it in the course of our professional undertaking.

Collecting Client Details and Information

Revolution Law collects personal information concerning our clients in order to perform legal services on our clients’ behalf which we receive from the client and other third parties and organisations. The information is collected so that we have the opportunity to suitably assess, assist, and be pro-active in dealing with a person’s legal needs. Its accuracy depends on the nature of the services to be performed.

It includes the client’s identity, all contact details. In some matters such as personal injury compensation including, but not limited to, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Workers’ Compensation, Public Liability, Medical Negligence, Military Compensation, Death Benefit or Total Permanent Disability (‘TPD’) claims, we will request and obtain medical, employment, Medicare, taxation, Centrelink, WorkCover, Child Support Agency, accountant, family, education and other similar data and records.

Our collection of information is an ongoing process that will continue throughout the period during which we are providing legal services. Revolution Law also receives information relating to contact details from persons who make telephone, email or written enquiries about our services or persons or organisations who supply services to Revolution Law.

Disclosure of Client Personal Details and Information

Any personal information which Revolution Law collects will be used and disclosed so that we can:

  • Perform legal services to progress our clients’ claims. This includes disclosure to expert medical and other personnel, to witnesses (to the extent that such disclosure is reasonable and required), to opposing parties and their relevant insurers and/or legal representatives, to government agencies, our appointed Barrister, a Respondent’s Barrister, to the Court, to a Mediator and in documents filed in a court (that will also become public documents once filed);
  • Conduct the administrative aspects of our practice;
  • Provide a client or other person who has made an enquiry of us with advertising material, newsletters, email bulletins or information about services offered by Revolution Law. If a person would prefer not to receive this information, that person may notify Revolution Law by post to PO Box 307, Springwood QLD 4127 or by way of email to ; and
  • Disclose a client’s personal information to external third-party service providers and organisations related to Revolution Law so that they may provide services on behalf of the client that are in accordance with the legal services that we perform.

Accessing Client Information

A person can access personal information that Revolution Law holds about a client except where access would:-

  • be unlawful (for example, where a record which contains personal information is subject to a claim for legal professional privilege);
  • prejudice negotiations with a client;
  • have an unreasonable impact on another person’s privacy;
  • prejudice an investigation by a government authority for unlawful activity; or
  • prejudice a lien which Revolution Law possess over such records.

If Revolution Law refuse a third party or person access, we will provide details explaining the refusal. Requests for such information may involve a delay before a response can be provided. Requests for records or documents will incur an administrative charge as set by Revolution Law.

Generally, if a client requests Revolution Law to do so we will amend any personal information held on our files about the client which is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date. We cannot alter records of other parties or those that pertain to legal proceedings would obstruct the legal process.

Contacting Revolution Law

At any time, a client can contact Revolution Law to discuss and queries or concerns that they have about our privacy collection and how we store personal information. Such enquiries can be made by phoning (07) 3416 4999 or emailing