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Do you need a Compensation Lawyer in Townsville?

At Revolution Law our team of expert compensation lawyers are here to personally assist you with your claim as you move forward in your recovery from an injury that has occurred through no fault of your own. We understand the toll, and the stress that being injured can take upon you and your loved ones in both the financial and the emotional areas of your life. The impact an injury can have on your life can be detrimental, but we will be there to assist you with the complexities and legalities of your matter so that you can move forward.

We are Here for You

We are here to support you. If your injury means that you require a lengthy hospital stay, then one of our friendly TPD compensation lawyers would be able to visit you whether it be at the Mater General or the Townsville Hospital. Should your injury see you recovering at home we are happy to attend your house for an in-home visit or meet you at any one of Townsville’s fantastic cafés’- our shout of course. Our initial consultation is always free, full of expert compensation legal advice relevant to your accident and – most importantly – we don’t place any pressure on you to sign up. You always lead the claim, and we’re here in your corner to make the entire process straightforward and thorough.

What makes Revolution Law different?

At Revolution Law we specialise in one area of law: compensation. Our expert lawyers have years of experience and have worked hundreds of different matters inclusive of work accident compensation claims, car accident compensation claims, medical negligence matters, public liability claims (like dog bites) and TPD superannuation claims.  This is our niche area and we run every matter with compassion and professionalism.

Our firm is not so big that we require huge spends on advertising to obtain new clients. In fact, we have grown exceptionally well over the years on a word of mouth and referral basis- this is a point of difference that we are exceptionally proud about, as naturally it helps us keep our running costs down. This in turn means we can charge fair hourly legal rates and never the 25% uplift that other compensation law firms won’t hesitate to charge the client.

Our law firm is also not so small that it does not have the professional weight required to reason with insurers on fair compensation for our clients. We are a perfect balance of being able to be there for you at a personal level and fight for your rights on a cooperate level, too.

Our Compensation Lawyers are Committed to Advocating Your Matter in Areas of:

WorkCover TPD Claims If you have been injured at your workplace in Townsville or in the surround farming areas or districts, then we can assist you with expert advice to see if you qualify in making a work cover claim.

Car Accident TPD Claims With Townsville’s growing population it has become quite the metropolis and the roads are busier than ever before. If you have been involved in an accident within the city or in the surrounding districts, we may be able to assist you.

TPD ClaimsIf you have a severe injury or illness that has meant that you are unable to work in your current occupation (or you are unable to work at all) then you may have a superannuation TPD Claim.

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