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Looking for a Compensation Lawyer in the ‘Switch?

Our team of friendly Compensation Lawyers are on your side and ready to argue on your behalf. When you are injured as a result of someone’s else’s negligence, it can be very tough – especially if your injury is impacting on your ability to shop on Main Street, to visit the Springfield Markets or to head out for a walk in Nerima Gardens.

We want to get you back to a place as if your injury had never occurred – financially at least – because we understand that your pain and suffering are very personal. While compensation cannot change the course of events, it can help with recovery and in reducing financial stress so that you can focus on getting back to your old self. We can help you to seek compensation both for lost wages and financial loss, as well as for pain and suffering and loss of ability.

Being injured and incapacitated is a highly stressful situation for you and your loved ones which is why we act promptly to get your compensation happening as soon as possible.

With You From the Start

We’re on your side no matter where you are. So if your injury means you’re in the Ipswich Hospital, St Andrew’s or in private care at home, we’ll come to you, reducing your stress and making sure you’re comfortable. We can answer all of your questions and will work to alleviate any concerns you may have. With us, you’ll get top quality service from start to finish.

Why Revolution Law?

We are experts in one thing: Compensation law. Our team of Compensation Lawyers have worked on hundreds of matters regarding workplace compensation, road accident compensation, medical negligence, superannuation and TPD compensation claims. We don’t profess to be experts in anything else, but we know compensation law inside and out. We have a mid-sized firm, which means that you will be a name and not a number. You’ll be able to pick up the phone and speak with your lawyer whenever you need to, and we work as a team to ensure that you get the best possible result from your claim.

Our director oversees matters and we are always working hard to make sure your expectations are exceeded in every instance. Our team of legal practitioners are committed to getting you the best possible outcome for your circumstances.

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We are Committed to Getting you the Best Results

WorkCover Claims Injured at work? Our Ipswich Compensation Lawyers are here to support you no matter what your injury and will work by your side to get results.

Car Accident Claims Been injured on the road? You need support from a road accident Compensation Lawyer.

TPD Claims Been injured to the point where you can no longer work, or have an illness that prevents you from working? TPD Claims are an area of our expertise.  

Public Liability Claims If someone else’s negligence has caused your injury you can potentially claim under public liability.

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