We know that money talks. We also know that lawyers are unfortunately known for charging exorbitant hourly fees which we believe only rewards an inefficient work ethic. As our name suggests, we do things differently at Revolution Law.

At Revolution Law we remain completely transparent with our fees.  Our Lawyers take each client through the fee schedule to ensure that clients don’t feel overwhelmed or misled. We don’t push anyone to sign a contract because we are confident with not only the fairness of our fee schedule but of our proven success of obtaining excellent results for our clients.

We believe that it is in our best interest to work efficiently whilst drawing upon our experience to progress our matters in a timely fashion whilst obtaining the results to ensure our clients will refer us to their friends and family.

Our clients are our priority, we won’t settle a matter until we have pushed for the best possible results.  Our Facebook and Google reviews are a reflection of our client’s satisfaction with the results that we have achieved.

No Win No Fee Policy

We are a No  Win – No Fee Law firm. The most important aspect of our No Win – No Fee policy is that there is zero risk  for our injured clients.

If a claim is unsuccessful we will bear the costs which means that you would be able to walk away without paying anything in legal fees. No strings attached.  Better yet, if we can’t get compensation for you we will also cover the costs of all the outlays and expenses that your matter would have incurred over the length of the claim. Simply put, our No Win-No Fee policy runs laps around our competitors.


No Up Lift Fee/ No Success Fee

An uplift fee commonly known as a success fee is a sneaky way compensation law firms bump up their legal fees on successful matters. Our competitors love to take advantage of the uplift fee in their fine print and under Queensland legislation they are entitled to increase their legal fees by an additional 25% if the matter is successful.

At Revolution Law we will NEVER charge an uplift fee. This is one of the many aspects that sets us apart from other compensation law firms. Our competitors like to suggest to their clients that they are entitled to these extra success fees because of the risk they took taking on the matter on a No Win – No Fee basis.

If we don’t believe that we can get results for you, then we won’t mislead you with false hopes about your matter. We are not in the business of losing. We are the Experts in all matters. This expert knowledge and extensive experience is reflected in our ability to offer a risk free No Win- No Fee cost agreement and No Uplift Fee ever.

To learn more about  ‘No Win – No Fee’ cost agreements that all Compensation Law firms have to abide by you can read the The Legal Services Commission: ‘No Win- No Fee’ Cost  Agreement Information for Consumers.