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Family Law Lawyers

Everyone wants their relationship to last. No one starts a relationship planning on an end date.  But for one reason or another, some relationships do come to a point where it’s best to part ways. If you have reached that junction in your life and you have made or you are about to make that choice to separate, then it’s important to know your rights and obligations going forward.

At Revolution Law, our Family Law Lawyers can support you through the difficulties and legalities that surround a separation or divorce.  We know how any family law issues, particularly divorce can be very stressful. Our Family Law Lawyer’s are located at our Logan office and can help you navigate your family law matter, even the most complicated and delicate of situations. Our Family Law Lawyer’s are passionate about reducing the stress and strain that a separation can have on our client’s and their families.

We can help you determine the right legal pursuit for your family law matter. The right approach and certainly the cheapest approach in terms of legal fees is to focus on mediating and collaborating with your ex-partner to come to the best possible agreement.  Alternatively, if you have a more complex matter which does not resolve through mediation and collaboration then our family lawyer will need to start litigation and negotiations on your behalf.

In all of this, we will focus on ensuring that you are able to get the best outcome possible. We help guide you as you make plans and parenting orders for your children. We will advise you in the division of assets. We will help finalise your separation or divorce.  Whatever your family law matter involves, we will keep you moving forward, with certainty and confidence.

Family Law Services

Assisting you find your new normal

  • Divorce & Separation
  • Property Settlements
  • Children’s Matters including Parenting Plans & Final Orders
  • Pre-nuptial and relationship agreements
  • Domestic Violence and DVO’s

We Are Local and Convenient

Our convenient office is located at 254 Kingston Road, Slacks Creek.  We are local to many Logan suburbs and being only 20 minutes from the Brisbane CBD and 40 minutes from the Gold Coast we provide a prime location for clients requiring an agreeable midpoint. With free parking and multiple meeting rooms our firm priorities accessibility and ease for all parties.

Our Family Law Promise

  • Personal Attention from your Lawyer
  • Quick response time to phone calls and emails
  • Clear Fee Structure
  • Creative Solutions for difficult matters
  • Caring and Respectful Service
  • Plain Language Advice          

Revolution Law, a New Direction

Revolution Law opened in 2015, predominantly  focusing on clientele seeking compensation after a no fault injury. Over the years our firm has grown significantly due to its excellent reputation and we have helped many Queenslanders with such matters as wills, criminal matters and family law.  Due to the growing demand we have now acquired a Family Law Lawyer to act specifically in such matters. Revolution Law will now be focusing on developing a 5 Star service niche in the family law service industry. Our website will continue to evolve to be more relevant and provide more information in family law legal matters.

Enjoy a free 15 minute phone consultation today.


One Hour Family Law Consultation

Take advantage of our ‘One Hour Consultation Service’ for a total of $250 plus GST. This service is perfect if you are seeking some legal advice specific to your circumstances in a one off consult without the pressure of being sold further services.

The one hour consultation includes an additional free 15 minute matter review of your core questions and concerns provided prior to the day of the consultation. We do this to ensure that our Family Law Lawyer can appropriately cover all of your queries in the time given and you get the added benefit of getting more out of your consultation.

The one-hour face to face consultation with our Family Law Lawyer are perfect if you are:

  • In the preliminary stages of a separation or considering a separation.
  • Seeking information on the legal process of a divorce or separation.
  • Wanting to know your parenting rights are post separation.
  • Unable to or experiencing difficulty getting contact time with your kids.
  • Requiring general family law advice.

Our one-hour family law consults are excellent for anyone who requires time to consider their options, plan things through and make the best decisions without any pressure. A one-hour consult has the potential to save you thousands in future legal fee’s as you will get the right advice regarding your rights and responsibilities going forward.  This information will help you determine whether you need to invest into a family lawyer or confirm if you can finalise your decisions amicably with your ex-partner without running the risk of being taken for a ride. Empower yourself with the knowledge you need to move forward confidently by booking a consult today on 3416 4999.

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