Floods Devastate Logan

Logan has been hit by an absolutely devastating flood over these last few days. Houses have been ruined, shops destroyed, parks and sporting fields absolutely trashed. Despite the chaos, there has been a rallying amongst the community, the spirit of Logan has not been crushed. We have seen time and time again people supporting, encouraging and helping one another. It is such a privilege to service such a resilient and strong community.

Revolution Law wishes to acknowledge all of the incredible Men and Women that serve with the Police Force, Ambulance Service, Fire and Emergency Services and the State Emergency Service.  What an amazing job you do in keeping order, performing rescues and ensuring that our community remains safe. We are in awe of the challenges that your job faces and the diligence of which you serve.

To our community, the flood waters might be residing but that does not mean everything is safe. Be careful in the clean-up. Be careful on the roads. Be vigilant of the wellbeing of your friends and neighbours.  Stay safe. Scrub hard. Soon our city will shine again.