Doyles Recommended Medical Negligence Lawyer

Once again Senior Personal Injury Lawyer Olamide Kowalik has been recognised by the Doyles Guide to be a recommended plaintiff-focused ‘Queensland Medical Negligence & Malpractice Compensation Lawyer’. Olamide heads up the medical negligence compensation team at Revolution Law and it is a privilege to have such a competent justice fighter whose legal expertise and abilities has been recognised by the state’s defendant insurance lawyers.

Medical Negligence Claims are notoriously difficult and complicated. Such a claim can be made when a medical provider breaches their duty of care which then consequently causes damage or injury to the patient. This negligence may look like:

  • Failure to diagnose a condition
  • Supplying the wrong medication
  • Dismissing symptoms or overlooking them
  • Not warning about a treatment risk
  • Surgical error

Due to the complexity of these claims and the time limits that restrict when you can make these claims, it is important to get quality legal advice about whether this form of a compensation claim is an available and good option for you.  The amount of money that your claim is worth is based on the seriousness of your injury or disabilities that you have attained because of the medical provider’s negligence. Olamide has extensive experience in assessing claims in their preliminary stages and determining if making a medical negligence claim is in the best interest of her clients or whether the alternative of making a formal complaint to the medical board is more suitable.

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