Compensation Calculator's Don't Work

What Everyone Wants to Know: Compensation Amounts

Nearly all our clients ask us, ‘ How much do you think I’ll get?’  After an accident people feeling vulnerable. Feeling the need to plan for the future should the worst happen is part of the process. ‘Compensation calculators’ that have become readily available in recent times are misleading and provide inaccurate compensation figures to vulnerable accident victims. 

Compensation Payout Estimate

Fake figure’s from a fake calculator are not the way to choose a firm to represent you. Choose a firm that you can trust. A firm that will be straight with you from the get go. You need to know the likelihood of what is going to happen, not some made up figures. 

This is why we offer a Free Consultation with an experienced Senior Lawyer. This consultation will include an extensive review of your matter. You will have the opportunity to get some straight answers and find out what your claim can mean to you in practical terms. At the same time you will  get to know us, and what our firm stands for. 

In this consultation we can give you an estimate of what your claim may be worth.  However, we cannot stress enough that nothing is certain in the early stages of a compensation claim as there are some things which are beyond our control and that will impact your compensation figure.  For example we cannot envision whether your injury will take a turn for the worst or whether you will make rapid improvements. We have seen cases where clients have had to undergo major operations which weren’t at first thought necessary.  

What we can guarantee is that we are experts in assisting you navigate your way through your claim and ensuring your best foot is always forward. With a team of senior lawyers from every walk of life we have the knowledge and the experience that your case needs.  

We invite you to arrange your entirely free initial consultation, whether it be via the phone, video conferencing, or in person. We would love the opportunity to help you obtain the compensation you are after. 

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Compensation claim Calculators: A Marketing Strategy or a Lie?

Compensation Calculator’s do not provide an accurate compensation figure, they are false estimates. It is impossible to get this type of answer via an online form, especially when zero evidence has been collected and analysed. Compensation Calculators are solely a marketing strategy with the one purpose of obtaining your phone number to sell you a service.

This dubious marketing strategy is not quite a lie because that figure will be based off some obscure one off historical client, or an average of multiple previous clients, potentially it may even be based of a matter that was heard in court. With no two claims being evenly remotely similar in compensation amounts, and with dozens of factors coming into play over   the 12-18 month course of the claim with regards to the final compensation amount its ludicrous that a compensation calculator even exists.

What factors influence my compensation figure?

There are many factors that come into consideration including but not limited to:

  • The severity of the injury.
  • The effect the injury has on your life after you have recovered to the best possible point.
  • How old you are. A 24 year old is going to have a claim worth a greater compensation value then a 73 year old. This is because an injury to someone younger will have more drastic consequences with future employment and income earning capacity.
  • Your job status and your education and training.  If the injury has effected your income earning then this will be taken into account.
  • External circumstances such as secondary accidents which occur after your original injury.
  • If you have needed care or if you will continue to need care.
  • Whether or not you contributed to the negligence which caused the accident.
  • The quality of the evidence such as police reports, doctors reports, documentation of your injury. 
  • Pain and Suffering you have experienced. 
  • The skill and experience of your lawyer.

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We offer a free meeting on a no obligation basis with one of our compensation lawyers. If you don’t love what we offer, then we will advise you to meet with other Personal Injury law firms in Brisbane so that you can compare. We are so confident in our expertise, our client rapport, our No-Win No-Fee policy and our ability to get great results that we want our clients to feel assured that their claim is our priority.

Call today and save time by chatting to a Lawyer on the phone. If we think you have a valid claim, we can set up a free meeting at our head office in Slacks Creek, Logan or at one of our serviced office’s in Brisbane. However, if you rather we can come to you, whether it be at your house on the Gold Coast or a coffee shop in Brisbane City. We work for you.

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