Australian Lawyers Alliance Media Release – Disingenuous Insurer Seeking To Undermine QLD CTP Review Process

As a law firm, it is always easy to enjoy a media release from the Australian Lawyers Alliance.  The latest article on the 20th of March 2017 highlights how insurance companies, particularly the RACQ are seeking to undermine the important review process that the Motor Accident and Insurance Commission (MAIC) has currently undertaken in regards to Queensland’s Comprehensive Third Party (CTP) scheme.

The highlights of the article include:

  • Queensland continues to have the best CTP scheme in Australia.
  • RACQ has suggested that the MAIC has undertaken an improper process with the CTP review.
  • The Australian Lawyers Alliance spokesperson Rod Hodgson notes that the RACQ is an insurance company first and therefore the best interest’s of their members comes a distant second.
  • Mr. Hodgston further comments on how for years CTP insurers have been making double the profit percentage that they were originally modeled to receive under the scheme.
  • As scheme regulator, the MAIC are doing their job by investigating the super profits of insurance companies.
  • Mr. Hodgson commends the MAIC and urges them to continue forth with the review irrespective of unwarranted attacks from insurers to ensure that Queensland’s CTP remains the best in Australia for supporting injured motorists.

Should you wish to read the media release in its entirety follow the link below.